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Information about People and Communities Committee

The People and Communities Committee is responsible for the development and implementation of strategies, policies, programmes and projects aimed at improving life at a local level in the context of the outcomes agreed in the community and corporate plans and other corporate strategy.  This includes:


       Developing and delivering programmes, events and activities to promote health, safety and well being at a local level

       Administering and enforcing the Council’s powers and duties under the Public Health Acts and all environmental health and building related legislation and regulations

       Securing and providing adequate provision for the recycling, treatment and disposal of commercial and domestic waste including bulky waste and the collection and disposal of abandoned motor vehicles.

       Exercising the Council's powers for improving local environmental quality in relation to housing legislation, Managing controlled waste, emergency planning and community safety and anti-social behaviour, clean neighbourhoods and other environmental or regulatory issues not falling within the remit of any other Committee. 

       Managing, maintaining and maximising the benefit of the Council’s parks, pitches,  playgrounds and other public spaces as well as community centres and other indoor facilities

       Developing and implementing activities to ensure the delivery of corporate strategies and initiatives in respect of the promotion of health and physical activity, environmental protection, community safety and other such areas under the domain of this Committee

       Overseeing the delivery of the Council’s frontline services and associated community assets including

       Overseeing the delivery of  the Council’s frontline services and associated community assets including:

Environmental Services; Cleansing; Waste Management; Parks and Cemeteries service (excluding zoo, Malone House and Belfast Castle), Neighbourhood and Development Services; Community Services, Community Safety and Emergency Planning.