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            The Committee was provided with a quarterly update on the Notices of Motion. It was reported that the Committee was responsible for 11 active Motions and Issues Raised in Advance.


            The Committee was reminded that, given the current pressures in responding to the pandemic, it had been difficult to afford the usual time towards progressing Motions. Nevertheless, there had been progress in a number of items and it was suggested that the following 4 Motions be now closed:


Category 1 Recommended Closures (Notices of Motion which contained an action that had been completed):


- Sustainable Transport (Ref number 43). The Committee was reminded that a further report was considered by the Committee in May 2021 and a range of potential impacts and issues were discussed such as increased vehicles in shared bus/cycle lanes, segregated cycle provision, hackney and public hire vehicles, convenience for the public as well as the impact of vehicles on air pollution and the need for better transport options. The Committee, at its meeting in May, noted that the proposed Notice of Motion as set out would not be taken forward.


Category 2 Recommended Closures (Notices of Motion have become Council policy or absorbed into a strategic programme of work):


- Air Passenger Duty (Ref number 58). It was reported that this motion would be considered in the context of the new draft 10 year Tourism Plan, which would be included on the Committee agenda for consideration in September 2021.


- Economic impact of retail closures and job losses (Ref number 92). The Committee was reminded that the Future of the City Committee Workshop on 25th May, 2021 provided an update on the current economic impact of Covid-19 on the city, including job losses and the vacancy rates in the city centre. This information was directly informing the Future City Centre Programme. Whilst this programme was initially developed around the key findings and recommendations outlined in the Pragma Consulting retail analysis, given the significant challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Future City Centre Programme had been recast to help address the issues impacting on the city centre and is aligned with the wider Belfast: Our Recovery framework priorities. The Committee was advised that it would continue to be monitored to reflect the changes in the city which would involve analysing the recent trends influencing the city centre and the impact of the Covid- 19 pandemic, with a future report being submitted to the Committee, together with regular updates on the Future City Centre programme of work as it progressed.


- Belfast Bikes – pilot Rolloe scheme (Ref number 102). As noted in the committee report of June 2021, Officers had been working with the company on the viability of pilot scheme and regular updates would be brought back to the Committee. The Committee was advised that this would be integrated into the Belfast Bikes programme of work.


            The Members of the Committee recommended that, in accordance with the Council decision of 4th May, the Chief Executive exercise her delegated authority to:


·        Note the updates to all Notices of Motion that this Committee is responsible for as referenced in Appendix 1;

·        Agree to the closure of a number of Notices of Motion, as referenced in Appendix 1 and noted in paragraph 3.6 of the report; and

·        Note that a timeframe for the Car Parking Strategy Review would be submitted to the Committee in due course (as referred to under Notice of Motion Ref 153).


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