Agenda item


Moved by Councillor Cobain,

Seconded by Councillor Bunting


      That the minutes of the meeting of the People and Communities Committee of 7th September be approved and adopted.


                  Alleyway Transformation Scheme Pilots




Moved by Councillor M. Kelly,

Seconded by Councillor Newton and


      Resolved - That the City Solicitor would consider any potential legal action that the Council could take against other bodies for their failure to take action in respect of unadopted alleyways.


            The Lord Mayor added that she would be hosting a session with “9ft in Common” about the transformation of alleyways across the city and she encouraged the Members to attend.



Amendment to the Minutes


            The Chief Executive advised the Council that the Committee decision in respect of the item would have to be amended, as the Area Working Groups did not have decision making powers, and that the Council could not delegate that power to them.  She requested that the Council consider amending the decision to the following:


“The Committee agrees to the delivery of a number of pilot alleyway transformation schemes throughout the city and further agrees that consideration would be given by the Area Working Groups to the area selection; the number of pilots; the detail of intervention and the flexibility of approach in terms of how funding would be allocated, which would then be subject to final decision by the Strategic Policy and Resources Committee.”


            The Council agreed to adopt the amended wording for the decision.


            Ormeau Park BMX Track


At the request of Councillor McKeown, the Chief Executive confirmed that the report which was to be submitted to a future meeting would include other non-mainstream sports such as skateboarding, table tennis and basketball.


Community Provision Funding Update


(Those Members who had declared an interest in this item left

the meeting for the duration)




Moved by Councillor Garrett

Seconded by Councillor Maskey


      To agree to extend the existing Community Development Grants’ Funding Agreements for Capacity Building, Revenue for Community Buildings and Advice to 31st March, 2023, as per the September Committee report.


At the request of Councillor Bunting, Councillor Garrett agreed to accept the following addition to his proposal:


      and that a further report, on capacity building and potential further funding for other groups, be submitted to the Committee in November.


            On a vote on the amendment standing in the name of Councillor Garrett, as amended by Councillor Bunting, twenty-two Members voted for the amendment and twenty against, and it was declared carried.


            The amendment was thereupon put to the Council as the substantive motion.


Further Amendment


Moved by Councillor Flynn

Seconded by Councillor Mulholland


      That the issue be brought back to the Committee for further reconsideration.


            On a recorded vote on the amendment standing in the name of Councillor Flynn, twenty Members voted for the amendment and twenty-two voted against, and it was declared lost.


For 20


Against 22

The Right Honourable the Lord Mayor (Councillor Nicholl); and

The High Sheriff (Councillor Long); and Councillors Matt Collins, Michael Collins, de Faoite, Flynn, Groogan, Hanvey, Heading, Howard, M. Kelly, Lyons, McAllister, McCusker, McDonough-Brown, McKeown, McReynolds, Mulholland, O’Hara and Whyte.


The Deputy Lord Mayor, (Alderman Haire); and Aldermen Dorrian, McCoubrey, Rodgers and Sandford; and Councillors Baker, Bradley, Brooks, Bunting, Carson, Cobain, Garrett, Hussey, Magee, Magennis, Maskey, McAteer, McLaughlin, Newton, Pankhurst, Spratt and Walsh.



(Those Members who had declared an interest in this item returned

to the meeting at this point in proceedings)


Subject the foregoing amendments, the minutes of the proceedings of the People and Communities Committee of 7th September were thereupon approved and adopted.


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