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            The Committee was reminded that, at the Council meeting in January 2022, it had been agreed to allocate £500k to the Summer Community Diversionary and Festival programme for 2022.  At the request of the Members, the scheme was reviewed to ensure that it was widely advertised and groups who received funding in 2022 were supported to have the capacity to deliver events in line with the relevant guidelines that the Council had in place for organising events on its land.  Following that approval, the programme was advertised as an open call and officers had completed the preliminary assessment process.


            Accordingly, the Director of Neighbourhood Services submitted for the Committee’s consideration a report which provided details of the assessments and seeking approval to award funding.  The report provided details also of the eligibility criteria, the two-stage eligibility assessment and the process.


            July Programme


            For the July programme, six applications had been received, with a total funding request of £323,301 (total amount available £250,000), which was an oversubscription of £73,301.


            The Director provided the Committee with a possible option on the amount of funding that groups might receive based on the following rationale:


·        The proposed allocation would allow all groups which had applied to receive funding, including two new applicants;


·        As far as possible, groups would receive similar amounts to what they had received in 2021; and


·        To support new applicants within the constraints of available funding, a minimum amount of £25,000 could be awarded to the groups which applied to the programme for the first time, Charter NI and Ballymac Friendship Trust.


August Programme


            Four applications had been received the August programme, however, one application had been withdrawn resulting in a total funding request of £250,000.


            For both programmes, groups were awarded scores based on their capacity to run events and how their projects met the aims and objectives of the programme. To support all successful applicants and, in particular, those who required additional capacity support to meet the aims of the programme, an external Event Management Company, Island Events, had been appointed. This company would work with groups to plan, manage and deliver events and ensure they complied with relevant Health and Safety and Licensing regulations. This would be a mandatory requirement; no funding would be allocated to groups unless they agree to availing of this support.


            Accordingly, the Committee agreed to award funding for 2022 as follows:





Overview of Project

Amount of Award


Twaddell and Woodvale Residents Association

Events in Woodvale park and other local venues from 27th June – 11th July. These will include a community cultural activity programme, diversionary youth work and two large scale events on 8th and 9th July.



Eastside Partnership (Eastival)

Programme of music and community events 7th – 9th July. Including ‘Fifes and Fusion’ event, and large scale community event CS Lewis and Ballymacarrett walkway.  This project will work with youth practitioners to identify relevant young people.



Ballymac Friendship Trust

Urban/ Street Festival 7th – 11th July, including outreach work, community events live music performances and animation between CS Lewis Square and Pitt Park.



Charter NI

Youth work, community, cultural, creative art and sporting events 4th – 12th July promoting heritage, educating on broader cultural contexts, and showcasing local artists.



The Hubb Community Resource Centre

Diversionary and cultural workshops from 27th June – 12th July, which will include music and community festival events in the local area.



Greater Village Regeneration Trust (GVRT)

Coordinated programme of cultural, community and diversionary events and trips across South Belfast, with a range of community partners over July and August.










Overview of Project

Amount of Award


Feile (Feile August Diversionary Dance Night)

Delivery of a free Dance music event as part of Feile on the 8 August and ongoing targeted outreach work in partnership with local community groups across Belfast. A community event will also take place in Distillery Street.



Feile (South and East Summer Diversionary Intervention Programme)

Delivery of outreach and diversionary work during the summer, in the lead up to 8th August. Headline two day community festival on the Lagan walkway and river 6th – 7th August and music event St Georges Market.




Feile (North Belfast Summer Diversionary Intervention Programme

Delivery of a number of diversionary outreach activities and community and sporting events (including boxing event) in the lead up to 8th August.