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            The Building Control Manager submitted for the Committee’s consideration the following report:


“1.0     Purpose of Report/Summary of Main Issues


1.1       To consider an application for the grant of a Seven-day annual Outdoor Entertainments Licence in respect of Grove Park.


Area and Location

Ref. No.


Grove Park

Jellicoe Avenue

Belfast, BT15 3FZ



Mr David Sales

City and Neighbourhoods Services Department

Belfast City Council



1.2       A location map is attached at Appendix 1.


2.0       Recommendations


2.1       Taking into account the information presented and any representations received Members are required to consider the application and to:


a)     approve the application for the grant of the Seven-Day Annual Outdoor Entertainments Licence, or

b)     approve the application for the grant with special conditions, or

c)     refuse the application for the grant of the Seven-Day Annual Outdoor Entertainments Licence.


2.2       If an application is refused, or special conditions are attached to the licence to which the applicant does not consent, then the applicant may appeal the Council’s decision within 21 days of notification of that decision to the County Court. In the case that the applicant subsequently decides to appeal, entertainment may not be provided until any such appeal is determined.


3.0       Main Report


            Key Issues


3.1       Grove Playing Fields are owned by Belfast City Council and were previously licensed to provide outdoor entertainment until the Licence expired in August 2015.


3.2       A site plan for Grove Playing Fields is attached at Appendix 2.


3.3       Members are advised that, at a meeting of the Licensing Committee on 19th June 2022, you agreed to grant delegated authority to the Chief Executive, to approve the application for the Grant of a Seven-day Annual Outdoor Entertainments Licence for Grove Park, for the events on 8th to 10th July only, subject to having been satisfied that all safety and management procedures were in place and consultation had been undertaken with the PSNI and NIFRS.


3.4       The licence was subsequently issued for the Dockside Festival on 8-10th July 2022. Outdoor music events were held on 8th July and 10th July and a family fun day was held on 9th July.


3.5       This application is being brought back for further consideration to determine if Committee is now minded to grant a licence without restriction on its days of use.


Application and representations


3.6       As for all licences associated with the Council’s parks, the applicant is the Director of City and Neighbourhood Services.


3.7       The standard days and hours for an Outdoor Entertainments Licence are:


·          Monday to Sunday:   11.30 am to 11.00 pm.


3.8       In addition, Special Conditions are attached to Outdoor Entertainments Licences related to setting limits on maximum numbers and implementing a robust system of dealing with complaints.




3.9       Public notice of the application has been placed and no written representation has been lodged as a result of the advertisement.




3.10     The Police Service of Northern Ireland has been consulted and has confirmed that it has no objection to the application.


3.11     A copy of its correspondence is attached at Appendix 3.




3.12     The Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service has been consulted in relation to the application and has confirmed that it has no objection to the application.


Health, Safety and Welfare


3.13     Officers from the Service will engage with the applicant and event organisers in the lead up to future events to ensure all documentation and technical information is in place.


3.14     Additionally, officers will inspect the site during the build of the event space and following its completion to ensure they are satisfied all safety and management procedures are in place.




3.15     The applicant will be required to provide a Noise Management Plan for future events which will be provided to the Environmental Protection Unit (EPU) for evaluation. Council Officers work with the promoter in order to assess the noise that may be generated from the event and to minimise the potential for noise disturbance.


3.16     Members will also recognise that noise generated by outdoor concerts is likely to lead to some level of disturbance for local residents. Even if guideline levels are met there is no guarantee that complaints will not be received. Conversely, if a recommended level is exceeded this may not necessarily lead to complaints as people may be prepared to tolerate the event because it will only last for a limited period of time.


3.17     9 noise complaints were received as a result of the dance music event held on 10th July 2022. As a result of these complaints, the Night Time Noise Team carried out noise tests in the vicinity of three of the complainants dwellings. The three noise readings indicated that the noise level was within acceptable limits.




3.18     The applicant, and/or their representatives, will be available at your meeting to answer any queries you may have in relation to the application.


Financial and Resource Implications


3.19     None.


Equality or Good Relations Implications/

Rural Needs Assessment


3.20     There are no issues associated with this report.”


The Committee approved the application for the grant of the 7-Day Annual Outdoor Entertainments Licence.


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