Agenda item


            The Committee considered the undernoted report:


“1.0     Purpose of Report or Summary of main Issues


1.1            The purpose of the report is to:


·        Update members on the Cherryvale gate opening resident/member engagement meetings.

·        Present mitigations for approval and completion.


2.0       Recommendations


2.1       The Committee is asked to:


·        Note the detail discussed at the resident/member engagement meetings.

·        Consider the mitigations discussed and grant approval for officers to move ahead with the works.

·        Note ongoing engagement with DFI in reference to the crossing. 


3.0       Main report


3.1       Following a decision at Council on 3rd October 2022, officers and members from the Lisnasharragh DEA have completed a number of engagement meetings with residents interested in the opening of the gate at Cherryvale Playing Fields from Knockbreda Park and the proposed anti social behaviour mitigations.


3.2       Meetings were held on 21st October and 17th November to accommodate residents and members attendance. Residents from 8 surrounding properties who were opposed to the gate opening were invited and 11 residents attended the discussions. A combined note of the meetings is attached at Appendix 1 for information.  An updated timeline of committee decisions and engagement with residents has been attached as Appendix 2.


3.3       Measures and key issues discussed are outlined below:


·        Fencing –Additional fencing and the replacement of the inner gate was discussed and officers agreed to a site meeting with residents before installation.

·        It was communicated to residents that CCTV would not be installed but the Council is currently considering a CCTV policy which will inform any future decision in relation to this.

·        Lighting – this is not seen by council as a necessary mitigation. It is too costly and the gate will be closed at dusk in line with our parks opening hours.

·        Additional dog litter bins will be installed to facilitate increased dog walkers in the area.

·        Tree pruning carried out around the sub-station.

·        Increased park warden patrols following the opening of the gate and this would kept under review.  Numbers would also be provided to residents to contact when they witnessed ASB.


3.4       If such measures detailed above were implemented in order to manage anti-social behaviour concerns, the costs would be as follows – 


·        Additional Litter bins - £800   

·        Erection of fencing around substation and rear of houses at Rosetta Park - £13,000

·        Resurfacing of the triangle if land outside the current gate £4000.


3.5       At September Committee it was agreed that a letter would be sent to DFI (Appendix 3) requesting an update on the installation of the pedestrian crossing.  A reply was received and a copy is attached at Appendix 4.  Since receiving this letter, council officers have further engaged with DFI on the timeline for installation of the crossing. Initial feedback from DFI officers confirms that a recent survey confirms that due to the busy nature of the road, this crossing will be installed regardless of the gate opening. Council have agreed that this work should be completed before the opening of the gate. 


3.6       When this matter was considered by members at its September meeting, officers were requested to produce a report on ASB in parks across the city and this information is currently being collated. Members should also note that following the opening of the gate that it was agreed that the area would be kept under review for a period of 6 months.


3.7       The committee is asked to note the engagement with residents and consider the reduced antisocial behaviour mitigations recommended for installation.


            Finance and Resource Implications


3.8       Operational arrangements can be accommodated within existing budgets.


            Equality or Good Relations Implications /

            Rural Needs Assessment


3.9       An Equality & Rural Needs impact assessment of the proposal has been completed and no implications have been identified.

            Legal Services


3.10     A triangle of land exists between the gate and the footpath which officers had not yet been able to identify ownership of.  The issue had been referred to Legal Services and is subject to further investigation in relation to title.”


            A Member thanked the officers for their efforts in facilitating the engagement meetings with the residents and welcomed the progress that had been made to ensure the reopening of the gate.


            A further Member asked officers to liaise with NIE to establish responsibility for the erection of the additional fencing around the substation and with DfI regarding the cost for the resurfacing of the triangle of land outside of the current gate.  


            The Committee:


·        granted approval to progress the works;

·        agreed that officers would liaise with NIE to establish responsibility for the erection of the additional fencing around the substation and with DfI in regard to the resurfacing of the triangle of land outside of the current gate; and

·        noted the ongoing engagement with DFI regarding the crossing. 


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