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            The Committee was reminded that in March last year it had endorsed a draft of the proposed new Policy (SP1A) and supporting justification for public consultation in response to the Planning Appeals Commissions (PAC recommendations and Direction from the Department for Infrastructure (DfI). This was hoped to be the final stage of the dPS development in advance of it being finalised for potential adoption. 


            The Director of Planning and Building Control reported that, in the period since the Public Consultation had closed in July 2022, the engagement with the DfI, required under the terms of their February 2022 Direction, has proved challenging. However, the most recent engagements, at the end of January and beginning of February, had engendered a more positive response and progress to the extent that preparations had commenced towards the formal submission to the DfI. The proposed changes that would result in a final Plan Strategy for potential adoption had been  considered by the Planning Committee on the 16th March 2023 an it had agreed to endorse it for submission to this Committee as the basis for the consideration of the formal adoption for the Plan Strategy.


            The Committee:


1.      noted the Technical Documents to be published alongside the adopted Local Development Plan - Plan Strategy as set out in Appendix 1;

2.      noted the Timetable of required actions to support the potential formal adoption and publication of the Plan Strategy by  May 2023 as detailed in Appendix 2;

3.      noted the Post Independent Examination consultation report outlining the response to the public consultation and engagement with the DfI  Appendix 3;

4.      noted the formal Direction and covering letter issues by the DfI on the 9th March 2023 set out at Appendix 6;

5.      endorsed the proposed modifications set out in Parts 1-4 of Appendix 4; and

6.      endorsed the final Plan Strategy set out in Appendix 5 for adoption in accordance with provisions of the timetable set out in Appendix 2.


Supporting documents: