Committee details

Purpose of committee

The Brexit Committee has been reconfigured as the Climate and Resilience Committee with effect from 9 February and will be responsible for:



                          i         Political oversight of the Resilience Strategy for Belfast including liaising with Belfast Resilience and Sustainability Board


                         ii         Political oversight of the development and implementation of the Council's Climate Action Plan including liaising with Climate Programme Board, enhancing climate literacy among staff and disclosure of climate data;


                        iii         influencing and contributing to regional considerations of the implications of climate change and other shocks and stresses identified in the Resilience Assessment on both the work of the Council and on the City;


                       iv         understanding the economic risks to the city associated with climate change and other shocks and stresses – including how these might impact the ability of Belfast to continue to attract and retain investment and grow the rate base;


                         v         monitoring the particular implications of climate change for vulnerable and disadvantaged communities across the city and to actively plan with them under the principles of a Just Transition;


                       vi         to consider public campaigns/public education programmes which the Council may wish to deliver to change behaviour among residents and businesses;


                      vii         to take account of the Council’s statutory responsibilities on sustainable development and relevant Programme for Government commitments; and to hear evidence from other parties;


                     viii         to consider good practice from other cities and local authorities from the UK, Ireland and internationally;


                       ix         The continuous monitoring of progress and announcements around Brexit;


                         x         Influencing and contributing to regional considerations of the implications of Brexit on both the work of the Council and on the district;


                       xi         to foster and maintain positive relations and cultural links with the European Union, and within the United Kingdom, post Brexit;


                      xii         Identifying any actions the Council may take to mitigate any adverse impacts arising and capitalising on any opportunities as a result of Brexit;


                     xiii         establishing links and collaborating with relevant authorities and organisations on a North/South and East/West basis and connections with Europe; and


                     xiv         to work collaboratively with the Shared Island Unit to avail of funding opportunities and deal with strategic issues and challenges to the benefit of our citizens.



Contact information

Support officer: Ms. Carolyn Donnelly, Democratic Services Officer.

Postal address:
Legal and Civic Services
Room 123B
City Hall