Committee details

Purpose of committee

The Brexit Committee will be responsible for researching, monitoring and reviewing the financial, resource or operational impact upon the Council and the district as a result of the UK’s leaving the European Union and for making recommendations to Council on such issues (or to the relevant Standing Committee where appropriate).


            Its specific functions include:


·         Articulating the Belfast specific issues to be considered as part of the negotiation and transition arrangements;


·           The continuous monitoring of progress and announcements around Brexit;


·           Influencing and contributing to regional considerations of the implications of Brexit on both the work of the Council and on the district;


·           Identifying any actions the Council may take to mitigate any adverse impacts arising and capitalising on any opportunities as a result of Brexit;


·           Reviewing changes to legislation arising out of Brexit and analysing the likely impact which they may have upon the delivery of council services;


·           Fostering and maintaining positive relations and cultural links with the EU;


·           Maintaining and promoting social cohesion within the district, post Brexit;


·           Monitoring the impact on migrant workers, skills gaps and issues arising with regard to various sectors in the labour market;


·           Financial and budget assumptions and implications for the district arising out of Brexit;


·           Identifying the implications for EU grant funding and alternative funding opportunities;


·           Seeking to influence decisions with regard to continuing access to and distribution of EU funds (including Peace, Culture and Interreg programmes);


·           Ensuring the ability of Belfast to achieve the objectives, as set out within the Belfast Agenda;


·           Ensuring the ability of Belfast to continue to attract and retain investment and grow the rate base;


·           Ensuring the ability of Belfast to increase trade with existing and potential trade partners (access to supply chains / import and export issues); and


·           Hearing evidence from other parties.



Contact information

Support officer: Ms. Carolyn Donnelly, Democratic Services Officer.

Postal address:
Legal and Civic Services
Room 123B
City Hall