Committee details

Purpose of committee

Terms of Reference


Specifically, the All-Party Working Group will:


·        Provide recommendations on the strategic direction and political input to the community planning process within Belfast.


·        Act as a reference panel in the wider development of the Council’s community planning function.


·        Consider actions and interventions which the Council may wish to propose to the Community Planning Partnership to contribute to the vision and outcomes set out in the community plan.


·        Enable elected members to receive regular updates on the progress of the Delivery Boards, who drive the implementation of programmes and projects that seek to realise the vision and outcomes of the community plan.


·        Ensure that elected members within Parties are keep informed on community planning activity and relevant programmes of work.


·        Champion a cohesive approach within the Council to Community Planning.


·        Develop and maintain expertise in the field of community planning.


·        Collate and consider best practice from other cities and local authorities from the UK, Ireland and internationally.


·        Make recommendations for the continuous improvement of the community planning function.


·        Whilst not having a decision-making function, it will make recommendations and report to the Strategic Policy and Resources Committee on a regular basis through reports and minutes of meetings. All significant decisions affecting the future direction of Community Planning in Belfast will be taken by the Strategic Policy and Resources Committee.